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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

a long sleep

oh gosh! i just woke up! i thought it's already 6am 7am. no it's 9am!

i have been sleeping since 2pm just now. there gone again another day without doing the things that i wanted to do. aih..

i wanted to post something to someone n it's super urgent but i didn't. i wanted to check my schedule and finish up the unsettled things because i want to go to KL tomorrow but i didn't.

it was raining at 3pm just now. i know because i woke up blur-blur n i slept again.

i had a dream. a bad one.. kinda freaky. my heart was pumping so fast. i can feel that i was gasping for air while im sleeping. ok.. i dreamt of her. i tried my very best to recall what is it but i couldnt. i forget just a blink of eye. i just remember she appeared in my dream. i saw her. we talked. she said smtg to me...

that's one of the reasons i woke up. she's no more with me but now she appears in different form. i guess i was thinking about her before i sleep that's why she came.

i shall go out and get some food for my lunch n dinner.

anyway i've finished selecting the photos of the UTAR students drowned in the waterfall incident. should i post it here n in Facebook? many people ask me to show the pics. but im afraid that some people would be angry and condemn my action. so people how??

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  1. Hey, I'm from the same campus as you. I'm a photographer too but not as enthusiastic as you though. =p I just got started. Anyways, just post up the pictures as you feel the right to do it. Let those people condemn and critisize your actions. You can choose to listen but not entirely obeys them or turn a deaf ears. As a photographer/journalism, isn't one of your objectives is to spread the truth? I've been following your blog since the waterfall's accident 2 days ago. Keep up the good work!

    PS: I've added you in FB. Hope you'll accept it... =) I would really wish to see the pictures be it gruesome or not. You can set it to private view in FB, Photobucket, Fklr and Blogger. =D