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Monday, 2 November 2009

all the best

good morning! im feeling so sleepy n hungry now. i slept at 7.30am n i woke up at 9am. then i slept again till now.

seriously im worn out. my friend asks me to get more rest. but i have important stuff to do today. upload the photos n finish up my blog post. pls sabar k ppl.

but before that, i have something more important to do:

All the best to my friends or people that i know that are having their final exam now especially a university in Melaka. Hope you all will do well. I noe exam has started but i guess sempat lagi to wish kan?

Ingat baca doa dulu sebelum start exam. relaxkan your mind. hopfuli apa yg dibaca tu keluar. kalau tak keluar, kelentong je.. =p

okla go break the legs. study la. jangan nanti nak merengek nak regret sebab tak study. stop playing n flirting and couple-ing for a while. sleep well. eat well. study well. lastly, dun fall into the well.

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