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Sunday, 12 December 2010

notes missing?!


When im ready and have the mood to study, my notes go missing. hmmm.. bagusla tu. 

notes not complete how to study la..

I'm very particular one lo. before i start studying, i must arrange all my notes. i must make sure my notes are complete. so if i got tips oso no use cuz i can't start studying if one chapter is missing. =p


we study with what we have! i'll study EVERYTHING then only i'll sleep.

we are not stupid. I'm definitely not stupid. I'm just lazy. I tell u if i really study, sure get flying colors lo. by that time i sure can fly up the sky.

Annek, Kopi 'O KaoKao satu! POWER mia!

*listening to 988 while studying is great. Sunday nite is all about old songs. nostalgic leh. =p

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