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Friday, 17 December 2010

after Kopi 'O, Panadol.

It has been quite some time since i last blogged. yea some time. don't you think so huh?? don't you miss me?? alrite this question is so syiok sendiri. anyway im just kidding.

it's almost 4am now in few more minutes time.

You see, a blog, as what my lecturer Miss TanJJ also told us, is a personal diary. Yeah i agree. Blog is our own personal space for us to tell and to share our stories. Blog is also a place for us to know about other people. no one knows the truth of what is written here. Only the writers do.


i duno what's the purpose of this post.

maybe it has been too quiet. that's why i need to make it noisy for a while. =p

i actually have a lot of things to say, to blog but due to exam and other commitments plus no laptop, i didn't manage to do so. but luckily i still have my pen and notebook. i jot down in details of how i feel and my thoughts. and lucky me i have my handphone to type my mind out in the form of texts and then save it.

this semester i only have 2 subjects and now is the exam period. yea i didn't give all out. first paper was on last Wednesday. started first paper with Kopi 'O kao-kao. I need coffee to make me awake. but now oh shit, i am sick. my body is too hot. my hingus is red color. now im gona end my last paper with panadol. i dun wana be awake anymore. last paper is this Saturday but my head is gona explode soon. it's too painful and heavy. only panadol can make me sleep soundly.

anyway thanks to Jing Wen. i went to her house just now to study although she hesitate to let me in. haha not her fault la. i was so random n crazy that i suddenly 'visit' her and i didn't inform her before that. i studied from 9pm until 2am ok. =p

she prefers to study alone. she's an individualistic person. so do i, i guess. but when it comes to study, to avoid falling asleep on my comfy bed, i need to be with someone. at least when someone is around, i'll feel motivate, i won't simply lie down to sleep, and i can ask him/her if i don't understand anything. =p

life in Kampar has been great with friends around me. i have random, active and sporing people like Pei Suang, PC, Tai Ka Jie and so on. Oh ya, they are the Eastlake Gang, the united gang. it is true u noe.. they alwaz do this together bla3. here in Westlakes, everyone is scattered around and no one is like-minded like me. sorry to say classmates staying in Westlakes are passive. it's impossible if they follow me to ronda or makan etc. Different channel and personality ma..

3 years of studies are actually very short. blink blink oh 3 years d ah?! that's y i chose to spend more time with friends, do things together. after graduate, i might not see them as often as i used to be anymore.

but, sometimes i still prefer to be a lone melayani peraasan, to do what i want to do without restrictions. as a non-punctual person, i can follow my own time. i have absolute freedom. i only have to be responsible for my own life.

study hard for your exam la. i pray that my classmates can get better results. be safe wherever you go. please take care of your health. i know u all studying hard but u need to have enough sleep s well. look who's talking. im the one who's always sick but im asking other people to take care of their health. aaahhaha.

another thing is.. Force won't bring happiness lah. If people say no, don't keep asking anymore. You can persuade but take it if you are rejected. Never use force. 

to my seniors who are graduating soon, very soon after this exam, all the best in ur life. u r in the working period now. no more a student. hahah! no more PTPTN. whatever u do, always be responsible. do your best and no regrets. life is a long journey. it's ok if u change job. if u never try, u never know ma..

lastly, erm.. thx la to those caring people out there or those who are kaypo to drop by this space to see to feel and to know what i wana say... although what i say sometimes are nonsense and crappy.

okla c u tmr. need 1 more panadol. good nite. bye bye.

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