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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

hectic weeks ahead

This short semester is ending very soon.

Today is Tuesday of Week 5.

Another 3 weeks to go for before the semester ends and I’ll have my final exam for the one last time before I graduate.

To be exact,
17 days left in 7 weeks of studies.
15 days before we say hie to December.
27 days before exam week starts.

The remaining 15 days of the month will be the most hectic one. It’s kind of critical.

There are so many things to settle.

And the most important one is about studies.

It’s the time to settle all of them and it must be done by this month.

There are 2 presentations, 1 radio assignment, 1 video assignment, 1 mid-term, 1 written assignment, 1 report and FYP!


Yes I can handle it. Yes I can! Yes I can. yes I can…

There are more things that i want to do.

This is my last chance and i will do the very best for year 2010.

Cut down your time on FB.
Don’t eat so long.
Don’t sleep so much.
Control yourself, don’t play too much,
Don’t talk too much.
Cut down unnecessarily activities.
Sleep late and wake up early!


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