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Monday, 14 November 2011

lives found in Kampar

I got some really hot and sexy girls photos to show. Really!! Are you ready?

Jeng jeng jeng..

Ok? Set? ON!

You cilakak pervert!

If you really scroll the page down to look at hot babes, then you are really shit la. hahaha. Sorry ya I didn’t take any photos of girl today.

Ladies and gentlemen, today is about animals.


Say wohooo!

Wo.. hooo!

Today was a very productive day. I had an assignment discussion with Sarah, Rachael and Tiffany in my house. Amirah and Poovan were not here. It has been so long since we were last together to do assignment. I miss those days.

Then, all of the sudden I got emo in the early evening. Stress I guess. Too many thoughts were running wild in my mind.

So I went into the jungle to look for ducks and chickens.

Manatau satu ekor itik dengan ayam semua pun takda.

At the end I found something else. Look at the photos and you’ll know what it is.

And it’s this something else that cheered up my day.

Kampar is such a beautiful and amazing place.

You’ll be amazed with its scenery and breathtaking view. You’ll be surprised to see animals that you might only able to see from textbook.

Staying in Kampar for 3 years, I’ve seen cow, buffalo, firefly, migratory birds, frog, monitor lizard and so on.

If i can materialized my dream house, it would be a small hut in the middle of the jungle.

A cute puppy in Westlake. It's so damn black. It's so cute. The puppy is just 2 months old. I never really play with a doggy before but i fall in love with this one. I wana take it and run away! This puppy must be from the same family as Hwei Huih's Lucky i think. 


Look carefully. It's actually a spider. =p

I guess this is called caterpillar.

Ok this is ant. In Bahasa Malaysia, this is called semut. 

Haha. Now who can tell me what is this? I don't know what creature is this. 

Ladybird. So tiny and cute..

This is epic. A group of buffaloes are having their evening bath. Buffaloes or kerbau can actually dive into the water!! They can swim! wow!

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