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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

best hardest lesson in 3 years

Doing my Degree for 3 years and finishing it at the end of the year, I got the best lesson ever in my university’s life.

It’s through a very hard way.

It’s my fault. It’s my bad attitude. It’s what I deserved.

My legs are painful but it’s not as severe as the jab on my heart.

You know.. I was shivering, body temperature is so high and I so wana puke.

But it’s worth it i guess.. I will remember today.

I am tired of arguing.

So if you guys feel like procrastinating, you better don’t. =p



Some thoughts to ponder..

1.           If you fall, remember to stand up again. The world is not always dark.
2.           You don’t tell the whole word the bad things about your friends. Yes, your friends.
3.           If you make mistakes, admit it and don’t repeat it again.
4.           When you are in trouble, then you will know who your friends are and what it means to be a friend. The term is very subjective.
5.           It’s unforgivable if you keep on repeating the same mistakes.
6.           Teamwork is when everyone helps everyone and not getting a black sheep.
7.           You have to bear the consequences of the mistakes you made.
8.           Silence is not golden when there is crisis.
9.           Face the problem, never hide from it.
10.       Jobs delayed are jobs not done.
11.       The last thing you ever feel like doing in life is procrastination.
12.       It’s easier to blame others than to be responsible.
13.       True friends will not only say good things about you but the hurtful but truthful words too.
14.       It’s a human nature that when you make mistakes, they will tend to forget all the good things that you have done.
15.       It’s scary when a friend can say something bad behind you and a minute after that be so nice in front of you.
16.       Some people seem to be a good friend in front of people but they not always at the back.
17.       Nothing is sadder than someone that you trusted so much side others.
18.       In every dark clouds, there will be golden ray of lights at the end of the day.
19.       Hati budi manusia paling senang untuk dilihat apabila anda di dalam kesusahan.
20.       Seringkali gajah depan hidung tak nampak, semut seberang laut pula jelas kelihatan.


  1. my friend, don't argue even if you are not tired or even you are bersemangat. Sometimes, when we face a harsh situation, we have to stop and think in depth. why particular situation happen on me but not others? Is it others' fault? or is it actually my problem all the way. If you found it is your fault, admit it and say sorry to the one who was hurt. I learned that travel or a escapade is never a good solution to a problem but it is just the way you run away from it but it has never been solved, dear.
    Don't blame anyone but look into yourself, thoroughly. You are going to work in the future, and you are going to face all the harsh situations or even accept or bear every consequences that you made and caused. Bear the responsibilities, this is what you gonna learn, my dear. find one day go yumcha lah~