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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

thumbnails again

hohohohoho. it has been more than a year since my glorious day where my pictures always appear in The Star. People i know including my neighbour always ask why they never seen my name in the newspaper anymore.

See people know me because of this. it's not that i didn't send any photos to The Star but The Star didn't pick my photos. i felt like im being boycott. haha.

today a picture that i sent came out in The Star Thumbnails again for the second time in this year. hahaha. the first time was in 12/2/2010. i didn't tell anyone at ALL. but my good friends in Penang they saw and they told me about it.

isn't it a good thing? =p who doesn't want rm50 for free? besides i can share what i see to everyone, improve my writing skill and build up my portfolio and networking.

i've achived my resolution: i want the photos i sent to be published at least twice in a month.

and u thank God for my achievement. COME ONE, let's make 2010 a good year! ROAR!!

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