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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

first cut

Cat Stevens. kenal? Do you know him? He's a singer la. He said 'the first cut is the deepest pain'.

Hmmm... true also la. Usually anyhing that is first always leave the biggest mark in our life. Kan? Then we'll remember for the rest of our life. For example, our first love or our first love on someone who's not the same ethnic with us.

someone i know ada problem kot.

entahla. i didn't talk to her anymore. actually we didn't talk for 2days only la. haha. but it's like so long never talk already.

i just hope my friends and  the people that i love are always fine and happy.

Seriously im happy if they are happy. Do you know why people become clown? I guess they want to make people happy. Im crazy n im funny, not because i force myself to do that but that's my personality. i like to see people smile and laugh. that's the biggest love that keeps me breathing every single day.

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