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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SICK again!!

i am SICK again...finally. zzzzz.. BAGUS la! i was having a light cough on CNY.

n now today, after the CNY hols, on the 2nd day of class, I AM SICK!! SO SO SICK!

aduih.. i hate flu. i feel so miserable. cannot concentrate in class at all. i bought a hankerchief to uni today.

to BERHINGUS la. takkan nk lap PUNGKOK kot.

what do u do when u got flu? SLEEP!!

that's what im gona do now. tak boleh tahan dah. esok pulak ada midterm n i haven't study yet.


my body starts to feel heaty d. i tell you, tmr morning i'll get fever n sorethroat.

good night la yer. yg baik hati tu pray la i'll recover fast and sempat study for my midterm k.

call me la ye..

good night. tata.

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