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Monday, 22 February 2010

kampar mood

finally im back here, K-A-M-P-A-R! nyeh nyeh nyeh! luckily here is not as hot as Penang. last night, there was a heavy downpour and TESCO got flooded. can u imagine that??!!

my dad sent me to jetty this morning. i reached Kampar at 11.40am. the traffic was so smooth, so less cars on the road. i took taxi back to my home n it cost me rm6. hmmmm.. have to pay lo, if not how to get back here?!! the taxi driver is so friendly, keep talking n talking n talking the whole journey.

OMG my room is so clean!! serious! no more spider webs. no more dusts. thanks a lot to my roomate, he cleaned it yesterday i think. i saw the ladder is still there. hehee.

i just had my lunch n im so damn sleepy right now. ok it's time to sleep. tonight will be a hectic night.

there's so much not-yet-do assignments, proposals, presentations n coming tests. Chin Eng oh Chin Eng, it's time to put aside unnecessary things aside and work ur ass on ur studies and ur future.

goodnight muax tata! =p

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