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Monday, 22 February 2010

a midnight advice

Be sure whether you really like a person or it’s just a crush. Don’t say you like that person until you are very sure. Once you guys are hooked up, play your role effectively. Be serious. Be loyal. it’s nice to be friend. It’s nice to be girlfriend/boyfriend. But it’s bad to be an ex. So, if there’s no future of a relationship, don’t get into it and torture yourself. Yourself is your true lover. Don’t merely listen to others. You are the boss of your future, your life. If you like someone, just keep it to yourself. The more people know, the more troubles you’ll get. Don’t simply be nice to anyone even if you are a nice guy, even is someone need you. Most of the time, when you think that you are doing the right thing to people, people actually perceive it as a bad thing. It’s ok you know.. the whole world can turn you down but He’s always there and look after you. It's ok if people look down on you. It's ok if people downgrade you. It's ok if people misunderstood you. It's ok if people don't appreciate you. It's ok if people don't love you. What matters is you know what's actually happening, you must have dignity and hold on tight to your principles. Don’t give up in life. There are a lot more beautiful things to see. One day, sooner or later, people will see the true beauty in you.

Setiap benda yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.

* if anyone of you cannot accept my thought, it's ok. go. im not begging you to listen to me. if it suits you, take it. if not, leave it.

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