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Thursday, 25 February 2010

i OFFICIALLY skipped clas


i just woke up! i officially skipped 2 classes in this semester. it's not for fun ok but im really sick. im not ok. i feel so miserable ok. flu, fever, sorethroat, migrain n watsoeva yang sama waktu denganya.

i made a vow not to skip any classes but i have to break my record this time because sorry la im SICK. i can force myself to go to class but no point, i can't concentrate n i'll keep sneezing etc. I can't even move my ass out of my room la.

i have 2 classes from 9.30am but i've been sleeping till now.

you know why i wake up?? cz i had a dream!

i dreamt that my friends told me the midterm at 2pm later is postponed. i was so happy u noe. then in my dream, i saw her post something on my Facebook. it says 'hi babe i can't call you because im so busy. I hope you'll recover soon.'

haha! i was so happy that i straight away woke up n sat on my bed. but then i only realised it was just a dream.

n now it's almost 1pm. i still have midterm test at 2pm.

the panadols are not working. kenot pakai la! ish! i dun hav time to go see doctor la. n im the type that won't see doctor if im sick.

the coffee / caffeine that i took this morning also powerless. ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!

i realised i that i always sick when im back in Kampar.

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