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Thursday, 25 February 2010

still half dead

good morning people. It’s dinner time and I just woke up.

I’ve been sleepig since 4pm ++. I skipped 3 classes n 1 midterm test. whoa! WhAT a record. This is the first time I skip classed the whole day and first time I didn’t take my midterm test.

I actually went to Uni just now to take the test but then I left few minutes before the test because I couldn’t do it la. too sick. my Friends persuade me to go back n rest. I went to the hospital to check up n get the MC.

My lecturer, Miss Chiok had ‘lou sang’ with my classmates after the test. jealousnya. A bit sad la. feel bad I didn’t attend her class n test today. My friend didn’t call me to the ‘lou sang’ cz they know im not feeling well.

I received a sms while im sleeping. it’s from her, wishing me to recover soon. Haha. I had a dream in the afternoon. Then, I got a real sms at night. Can i say its a dream comes true? =p

Im still half dead, hungry. I think Ai Loon is right. I sing ‘Cit Lang Cit Pnua’ too much till I sick. Hahaha.

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