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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

McD Maniac

some people so damn muka tebal, muka sekupang, tak malu, tak sabar, kiasu, taik cirit, buy food (McD) oso wana cut line ah?!! oik!! nvr eat McD ah? or cant wait to go home n SHIT?! pls la.

go back to Standard 1, the teacher will teach u how to queue up 1 by 1.


sabar la..

y so desperate?

McD won't fly away lah.



this happened when i bought my dinner at McD just now. if not because my friend, stop me, im gona shout at her. yea yea i should be tolerate bla bla bla.

but helo simple basic thing like wait for your turn also don't understand??

how old are you??


age is not a matter.

maybe the older you are, the more situpad you are.

eh no la.

maybe u r just being ignorant.

oh ya!

u duno u must queue up right.

yea yea yea..

so why i din tell her off.

oh cuz i scared i will naik gila, and i dun wana embarrass her in front of her kids.

thank you.


  1. Huhuhuhu.... So, what burger did u buy? :P I know I'm such a nosy one here :P hehe. Next time, Chin Eng, u juz need to lempang them so they can be lempeng and U can eat them juz like that. N U also can be kenyang after eating them. hahahaha =P Sounds creepy a bit huh? Hahaha ^___^- miss Anonymous

  2. ive never met one before but if anyone were to do that when my younger bro is with me, God saves his/her soul...hahahaha