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Monday, 14 February 2011

pat tor thnia

Sakit perut yang teramat-amat sangat. Bahasa pasar kalau kat Penang, I cakap sakit gila babi.

Damn painful ok my stomach.

Thnia ka boi si!

Few years already I’m having serious and frequent stomach ache.

Don’t ask me why cause I duno why.

If it’s possible, I wana take away my stomach!

Why I talk so much in my blog. Cause I wana tell la. I need to say it out la. If I keep everything in my heart, can die one ok. No one is here, no one to listen to, so I talk to my blog la. Got people read or not is not a big deal.

Okla okla. I can’t stand it anymore. Sleep NOW!

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