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Thursday, 7 January 2010

QUOTE of the day

"What matters is how one finishes, not how one begins."

~ Abdullah Ahmad
~ Page 75, All Abroad, Off The Edge, December 2009


  1. I like this! n That's a very gud one ^___^ - miss anonymous

  2. eh hie. how r u?? so long never hear frm u. yea bcoz i didn't write much nowadays. hehe.

  3. hahaha..
    Dah garu2 terluka pula, u dah tau tnyer lagi ka?
    hahaha... basically i'm okie.. n i'm always trying 2 be okie no matter what happens..hope d same with u ^____^ hehe..well, i hv already seen ur recent pics here... u make me yao qu Penang lor.. hehe ^___^ - miss anonymous

  4. hahaha! hope u r fine. i tak suka end and beginning of the way. time paling teruk of the year. anyway come here la. i can b ur tour guide for FREE! haha.

  5. xiexie! hoho... ^___^ Hopefully I'll visit Penang around this year.. but not this month lor.. hehe.. meiyou money. haha... ^________^ but surely I'll ask U to be my tour guide! :P hehe ^_____^ - miss anonymous