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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

busy --> stress --> down

I never meant to be emo.

I don't want.

But the situation makes me to feel that way.

This semester is a very hectic, packed, stresful and important semester.

I have to deal with Internship application, Final Year Project, assignments, SRC etc etc.

I feel the time i spend with my friends are getting less.

No personal quality time at all.

Yea before this we had a lot of public holidays. It's not a good thing ok cuz it makes all of us so lazy. But i know that is not a good reason not to do your works.

I need to talk to people. To express myself. But everyone also busy. I don't wana bother anyone. My friends are busy too.

I actually just came back from discussion. I haven't taken my dinner and my shower. Came back home around 6pm, took a nap and rushed for discussion at 8pm.

I'm having a presentation tomorrow with Jing Wen and Jie Ee.

As usual, Jing Wen always say something and do another thing. This is her style. She won't express something directly. cilaka right. hahaha.

I feel i really get down to work seriously since last week.

Why.. Cuz time is running out.

What i should do is less blogging and less FB.

Always set my priority!

My roomate is already sleeping and the light is still on because i'm doing my assignment. i feel so bad la..

nvm, he is very understanding. I'll go eat my burger, take my shower and continue with my assignment.

All the best for my friends too.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Xiang Lin and Jing Wen. I love you all. =p

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