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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

dear JR-ians..

Im so happy to bumped into Sara at the pasar malam just now.

we had a 10mins chat. I felt like it has been yearsss since i talked to her. She's always that nice and sweet. She helped me a lot throught my studies here in Kampar and she has been a good companion all this while.

But of course things slightly changed in this semester. But Sara is still the Sara that i knew. =p


I know i have not been a good friend to my friends.

sometimes i wish i can turn back the time to do better.

I never regret i chose Journalism as my course.

Not because i love the nature of this field but the big people up in the Heaven has given me a beautiful bunch of coursemates.

and i feel so 遗憾 that i never got to know them deeply, be in the circle of family.

anyhow, wherever and whatever they do in the future, i always and always pray and care for them.

after this semester, we'll go for internship. then we left about 3 months being together before we graduate end of this year.

how many more times we'll see each other, jokes around, celebrate birthdays, go yumcha, do assignments together, argue, debate in class, have BBQ, have steamboat, ronda and explore together under the rain, hiking and got lost, play like kids at the waterfall, cycle everywhere, go karaoke, make noise in university, cover news together, produce funny video and radio ad, play childhood games by the lake, and camwhore?

I wish all of you who's applying for your internship, all the best. Don't hesitate like me. I know you are not. =p Hope you'll get the company that you want. make use of these 3 months.

to my friend who's applying to go to Cambodia for her internship, i pray hard that you'll get it. Don't worry you will. Don't missed this opportunity. Peluang tak datang dua kali..

Friends, go for your dreamsss although it seem impossible.

My eyes are watery while im writing this. I miss all of them so much. And i'm gona miss them even more during this internship.

i think during my semester break, i can start with my project already, to write each and everyone of them a letter. it's gona be a looong one. =p

To everyone out there, no points having thousands of friends in Facebook when you already have true friends in front of you. We always look for something which we already have. Appreciate what's in front of us at the present.

I'm grateful that my coursemates are there when i need them.

I'm sorry for my kecilakaness.

To my dear JR-ians Januray 2009 intake, I love you all..

I really do..

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