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Monday, 21 February 2011

knife in the heart

Tonight is the most painful night ever in Kampar for this semester.

i feel so hard to close my eyes and sleep.

I try so hard not to think of what they said but the pain is already there.

The wound is getting bigger.

It keeps bleeding.

The pain is totally unbearable.

Words are soul killer.

When it is already being said, it can't be retract.

Let's try to imagine this, a knife just cut ur hand, and it's expose to air, water and salt, how do u feel?

That's not the worse.

I'm feeling as if a long sharp blade just stabbed and pierced through my heart.

My pulse is getting faster.

My body temperature is getting higher.

My heart is physically painful ok..

okok, why should i care so much of what people say.

Because these 2 people are someone to me.

They are the people i love.

yea yea, they don't mean what they say right..

The first person said:

“Go die lah you.”


that was in the afternoon.

then in the evening, another person said:

“yes u are good of nothing, u only know to blame, u only talk bout urself, do u listen to others?u only know to find me when u nid sum1 to talk,to eat,to revise. u urself is the superior, u are self-centered, u are bad guy....if u stand in my shoes, u will found tht im juz relief to get a reliable, responsible junior, tht's all, nothing much bout da comparison.tok tok tok, wan tok till i die ar? ting tong ting tiang.”

fine.. whatever la.

forgive and forget!

hold no grudge.

you'll only feel happy when you can let go.

Good night.

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