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Monday, 21 February 2011

BIG things to do



yes yes busy.

will be busy from this week this April.

In fact many of us started to be busy from last month.

a lot of things to do this semester.


but for tonight...

I want to accomplish 3 tasks!

3 is enough la. Not too less, not too much.

at least i have an aim and i'm working on it.

It's ok if you say out your dream and then you can't achieve it.

how can you say people cakap kosong?

A dream is not an empty entity. You dare to achieve something for yourself.

Whether you achive it or not, it's another matter.

I'm actually feeling so sleepy right now. Doctor ask me don't take coffee must i can't resist it.


i wana done these things before i sleep tonight.

1) Assignment

2) Sponsorship letter and proposal

3) Confirm and inform SRC Monthly Dialogue Session

4) Resume

5) Send application form to be the staff for March Introduction Weekend

* I'm really stress. What i hope from friends is just an understanding and care. That'll all to keep someone keep on fighting.

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