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Tuesday, 6 October 2009


My prediction comes true. again.. Out of ten, eight of my predictions came true. I don't like it sometimes because it hurts.

i just talked to her. Now it's not about how i feel or what i sense. she admitted it herself. she's liking someone. SHE LIKES HIM. i know that guy.

well.. what could i say or feel? jealous? angry? sad? disappointed? upset?

im nobody to feel all this. im nobody now. who am i to her to feel all this. i dun have any rights to stop her.

no wonder she alwaz din't reply my sms. she's there. she knows. she's aware. i called her n she didn't even pick up. she saw me on9, she won't talk to me. everything has changed so drastically. i feel so dumb somtimes.

i din tell anyone abt this. im a person who'll keep my probs myself. what i do when im down? i write. i document it. i expressed it in words.

IM NOT OK. i cried. n i wana cry again. i can't bear the pain. yes im a guy but im not strong.


sorilah dis is me. when i feel some feeling, it is just too strong.

life is not about love. yes i agree. i din focus my love on her only. i do my other stuffs. in our life, we have a part called relationship n i fill her in that part. she's in that part. i found someone that is most qualified n suitable to occupy that place in my heart.

too bad when you love someone, doesnt mean someone like you!

when you care so much for someone, when you sacrifice so much for her, when you put her above everything, doesnt mean she'll do the same to you!

arghh! fuck! arrghh!

ahhh... what a start for my blog after so long missing from blogging.

='( i still love her..

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