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Sunday, 15 November 2009

potong P1 w1max

P1 w1max??

what P1 w1max?? the latest wireless broadband network??

cannot connect at all! what the!

i reached home last night and i was so desperate n so urgent to use internet to check my mail!

now oni can connect.

thanks to Streamyx. P1 w1max stil not working.

the P1 w1max agent came to my hse before i reached Penang n asked my dad to buy the router etc from him for rm100. the man said if cannot use, return the router n get back RM100. he also said that the P(otong)1 w1max is better n faster then streamyx.

so my dad gives it a try lo.

i was so shocked because streamyx is the best wireless netword for home use la although many people make noise.

podakh!! connect oso cannot, wana say better??

sucks to the max oo!

Potong je la the P1 w1max like what the company's advertisement says.


*anyway my location is at Gurney Drive area.


  1. Luckiy I read this , I was about to cancel my streamyx line and go for P1 w1max, I think it depends on the location, my friend said in Sg Nibong , the line is good, dunno , yet to try, let me know more from your trial.

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