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Sunday, 20 December 2009


i tell u all im so sipektulan pissed off meletup. I KENOT STAND IT ANYMORE SOME PPL KEEP FORCING ME FOR THEIR PICS! ALOOOOO! it's my passion to take photos n no one assign me or hire me so i don't have any responsibility to give u the photos! SOME people not even close to me. They TALK to me just because they 1 their photos!! FUCK OFF la!! if u 1 the photos, just WAIT la! i DON'T owe you! i also got my own things to do! bukannya korang BAYAR aku!! asyik duk PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO! nanti aku bagi penampar sebijik baru tau!! ARGHHH!! podakhh!

fuh... okok sabar sabar. im happy n grateful that people appreciate my talent and they recommend me and they look for me for photoshoot. i just don't like it when some people FORCE me to give them their pics. they FORCE me ok!! i never OWE them the pics. and sometimes i feel people USED me, used my generosity to get what they want. If need my help, takpe, i sure help but dun misuse me.. If it's my friends or someone i like, fine i'll quickly give them the photos in the name of friendship.


  1. Sian la U... bt dat's bcoz U r so nice n baik hati one la.. no wonder ppl wud think it's easy to bully u tho they knew it makes u to feel like u're in their life/ attention just for a moment till they got what they want from u or habis madu sepah dibuang.. ( i also dunno what's sepah k) huhuhu.. however, u blh handle this situation in best way kan? stay cool n handsome ^__^ - miss anonymous

  2. hahaha! tula. kesian kan.. hmmm.. so pityful. anyway, i like what you say. its so true n full of philosophy. =p hmmm.. i always look good even when im angry lah. hahaha!

  3. hahahahaha.... camtu la! stay cool je even hati panas membara.. hehehe ^____^ tp yealo, gambar2 u tngkp smua lawa2 n they know abt ur talent sbb tuh smua x sabar2 mau tgk gambar. But somehow we need to speak up when ppl disrespect us to let others know what they r doing is wrong. They think they only do it bcoz they figure they can do it or get away with it. prove them wrong. cuma 1st bahasa kena berlapik la .. x kisah la u mau lapik dgn apa2... hehehe.. tp if they keep doing same thing, fire mrk maybe br okie.. ^___^ - miss anonymous

  4. oh... thanks for the guidance to shoot people. =p

  5. haha...hv just dropped by ur place la...haha...
    hmm...why dont u think u can bring joyfulness to the ppl around u by givin them their photos? well,perhaps or not,they might b the model in ur photos.Everyone care of themselves,how they looked in the photo,what angle makes them look prettier,nicer and so on.Hence,they are asking those photos from u and keep it.Indeed,they hv the right to do that as it is them in the photos.So why dont u think ur skills,ur talent can let them clearly know how they look like,make them know how they shud pose in their next capture.haha..
    hmm..well,did u get wat i meant?to conclude,try thinking positive,dont think tat ppl misuse u,it makes u feel uncomfortable + hard to believe ppl then.Eng,try to think,people in this world,who doesnt use anyone?no...we are living in a world which people has to mingle to each other.We cant live without others,right?thus, it is common and u hv to get used to it.People might use us,but we use them as well.No one will always b the one who give,we will take from someone else is the world,eng...