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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kampar Chinese Cemetery On Fire

hehe. read this news la if you are free. written by me. news covered by me and my senior. Vivien called me this afternoon and said that my junior told her there's a big fire. i was busy so i informed my senior, Kwan Yee.

Then i rushed to the scene to cover the news bergeda-geda with her for the first time. Im so happy ok. I learn a lot from her la. Not to lick her shoe but that's the truth. I take her advice seriously.

Give a clap to urself Kwan Yee.

The funny thing is i jote down the points using my handphone and she was looking for her note pad. wahahaha. That's why my camera, pen, and handphone are the only things that matter the most everytime i go out. =p

ini first time tau aku write a news n published it on my blog. hehehehe. i tau not so good yet. takpe nanti aku improve. =p

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