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Sunday, 4 July 2010

world cup koyak!

Koyak! Oh koyak!

Gone case!

Balik kampung tanam jagung!

Good bye Brazil good bye Argentina.

Somehow I think the ‘curse’ that predicted by some people is true. They say this year the good teams will balik kampung.


Looks like it’s true.

I was hoping that the final will between Brazil n Argentina.

Anyway it was a superb match of Argentina vs Germany. I was there at Esplanade. Celcom put up a gigantic screen. I think it’s the biggest screen outdoor that I’ve ever seen. The screen is bigger than the screen in a cinema.

Thousands of spectators were there. Everyone gone crazy cheering for their teams.

Okok lazy to talk d. click on the link to see some of the pictures i took la. =p

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