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Friday, 23 March 2012

quote of the day

You are useless when only you think you are.


  1. really? so if i did absolutely nothing with my life, slept through my days, but yet think I am useful, then I am useful? :P

  2. ISH!! nak kena kau ni.. what i meant was it's abt the mindset. everyone has their own abilities, skills and knowledge. of course if you slp whole day and do nothing you wont produce anything. but if you start doing something, you might be good at it. if you are not good at it, you might be good at something else. there's something in you that shines. just don't do nothing la. aku sepak nanti!

  3. ai-seh. menakutkan lar kau. nak sepak aku? aku takut nak jumpa hang dah. ganas. hahahahaha. :P
    well, it was a quote that can be further dissected. hence the question. but i didn't mean to invoke or irritate you. :) you know I love you. :D