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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

happiness is achievable

i've read a blog of a friend of mine. she's sad. at the same time, i also feel sad reading Anil Netto's blog saying that Kg Buah Pala villagers still determine to fight for their heritage village and tonight they are sleeping in their broken houses.

well.. we must realised that problems always occur. it happens everyday. sometimes it's avoidable but most of the time, it is not. life is not as beautiful as we always want it to be. there are ups and downs. as a non-perfect creature on the Earth, we can't avoid but to solve and prevent it.

i feel it's not impossible to make ourself happy. how?

first, it can be doing the things you always wanted to do.

second, it can be you finished or accomplised something that you started.

third, it can be you do it with someone who knows you and cares for you.

fourth, knowing that someone you know is happy.

fifth, it can be you did a good thing.

and tonight, i feel i have achieved some happiness in my life.. although it might last only for a while before another problem arrives. but i appreciate every moment of it and save it in my memory.

i have achieved all the five happiness factors tonight.
  1. i always wanted to study for my exam n i did it tonight when my friends are sleeping. we r tired tonight after we finished our first paper and the next paper, Introduction to Advertising is at 9am 16/9/09. i didn't want to waste any time that's why i studied tonight.
  2. im happy because i finished studying AV. i didn't stop half way and go sleep. i studied from 2.30am to 5.15am. i may not remember everything but at least i have some idea of it.
  3. my good friends accompanied me tonight. 2 of them. Saravani and Amirah. i asked my other friends but they are tired. amirah left around 2.30am and Sara was with me the whole night. yes i feel more semangat when my friends are around. if i sleep, they'll scold me.
  4. hehe... me n my friends were joking and laughed our hearts out. they are happy. when they happy, i happy. i know Sara is happy too cuz i studied. haha. and if 'she' knows i burn midnight oil, i guess 'she' will be happy for me too.
  5. i sent Sara home. yeala so late already you know. 5.20am in the morning. dangerous.

so think positively and live happily. i know it's not easy but.. hey.. in the end, who'll get hurt?

the answer is: WE, US, KITA, I, ME, SAYA, AKU, LIMPEH, WA.

till then, gnite ppl. signing off at 6am. tata.

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