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Sunday, 6 September 2009


Yes it’s a fact that we Malaysians now can organised, join or contribute to a rally, protest and demonstrations. This new verdict just approved.

The world has known that Malaysia is a very peaceful country. You cannot doubt that, we live in harmony despite of the differences we have in term of the language we speak, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the belief we hold on to, our skin colour, our background and our political views.

Malaysia is a democratic parliamentary country where the head of the country is our beloved Agong and governed by Barisan Nasional. Dewan Rakyat is the place where new laws are passed by the MPs and approved by the Agong.

Every Malaysian knows our rights are protected under the Constitution. We have freedom of speech and assembly. Do we really can perform that right as a Malaysian? U have the answer. Our rights are always denied. The more active civil society is, the more oppression and injustice they have to bear.

Today after so many years of struggle, so many gallons of water cannon and so many bullets of tear gas are released, finally we achieved our rights to express our rights. This new rule haven’t debated in the Parliament but it’s already approved. How nice is that. MPs don’t have to waste their time shouting at each other in Dewan Rakyat anymore. We don’t have to wait for months to wait for a new law to be enforced.

Why I said that? Oh it’s because the cow head protesters are still free on the road but peaceful anti-cow head protestors are on jail. How cool is that. We have a new street MPs now. wow! They are the one who’s wearing navy blue uniform, with the cap, usually with a thick moustache and they love to hide behind the tree. I call them the BLUE geng.

When cow head protestors making noise and chaos protesting on the road, it’s ok. They can even bring banners and dead animal. BLUE geng said the group are small so no need to catch. And a few hours ago, a group of peaceful anti-cow head protestors had a candlelight vigil at Dataran Merdeka. Now many of them are in jail. The BLUE geng took them away with BLACK MARIA.

Now u see what I mean? Same offence, different punishment. We are a democratic country man. Of course we are. Because laws now don’t have to tabled and passed in parliament by the MPs but the BLUE geng. They are the real goverment of the day. Don’t you think so?

We are practicing 1Malaysia? Y? because we practice power sharing between MPs and BLUE geng. Because BLUE geng get money from our taxes and work for the ‘good’ people. Because when we protest, we can bring dead animal. Because BLUE geng wob’t kacau anymore if you want to demonstrate. Because if you staying in kampung for generations, you are squatters, you have no right on your land and you have to give way to developers who bought the land from the government. Because if the majority of the community are Race A, religious building of Race B or Race C or Race D cannot be built there.

Now I give you some tips if you want to practice this new law.

1) Attire – anything but not branded because police will tear it
2) Props – bring dead animal, no candles are allowed
3) Time – afternoon, night time is forbidden
4) Location – government building, no fields are allowed
5) Only protestors from a same race are allowed, multi-racial crowd cannot

So my fellow Malaysians. if you don't want the BLACK MARIA to take you away so that you can have nasi 'campur' and grey imbalance 'mattress' in the little square room, u bettter follow the five tips. Now two thumbs up to the BLUE gang and the new law. Yeh!

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