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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Deepavali

it's 17/10/09 today. It's Deepavali.

Happy Deepavali everyone especially to the Hindus.

Happy Deepavali my friends, teachers, lecturers, neighbours, enemies and those that know me. =p

let's all of us celebrate this festival of lights with understanding, respect and love towards each other.

im happy that im lucky to be in Penang this year to celebrate Deepavali. i love everything here in my home, the lovely island.

how lucky we are to be in Malaysia, being able to celebrate different festivals together. speak their language. eat their delicacies. wear their costumes.

wa suka!

but somehow i don't know why i feel Deepavali this year is not so umpph. i don't feel the merriness. i don't feel as excited as i used to be.

is it because of the lack of Deepavali advertisements on TV? is it because i've grown up n not a kid anymore? or is it because many of my friends are not in Penang?

i miss my Indian Hindu friends from secondary school. I miss Arnend Kumar, Murukesh, Kumahresh, Tatsyaini, Marleni, Nagha.

i miss my teachers. Puan Deva, Cikgu Thamiz, Cikgu Mahthavi, Mr Anthony, Mr Baskaran, Cikgu Chellaiah, Cikgu Hema Maleni, Mister Rajagopal.

i also want to take this opportunities to say sorry to my Hindu friends if i ever offended you. sorry.

to my friends and neighbours, watch out because im going to your house. wahaha.

have a pleasent festive holiday everyone.

Happy Deepavali.

Nandri Vanakem.

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