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Saturday, 31 October 2009

ni sap pe dee ya

ni sap pe dee ya??

yes yes. i just sap-sap dinner n supper. n now i feel so fulled n sleepy. it's ok because it makes me happy!

oh i just love to eat. i live to eat! i din have my dinner. so i went out just now, alone, middle of the nite to look for food. i had Burger Special n lok-lok. the burger is rm2.50 with egg. standard price la. sedap n yummy. the burgerkid is friendly. we chit chat. then i sat on the malay restaurant's chair to eat but i didn't order any drinks. cool huh? learn from me. =p

i looked for egg/telur everywhere but all shops closed already. i went to 7-Eleven. they dun sell telurs. arrghh! i need telurs so badly la! i want telurs. i want to make toast tomorrow la. eee.. where are you telurs when i need you. i cannot use my own telurs la. mana boleh. can You drop few telurs from the sky for me? hehe..

on my way home, i saw the Lok-Lok stall is still open. i never like that stall. everything is just so expensive. i geram at them. but then.. oh god! my stomach couldn't resist the temptation of it. i stopped my bike! then i had 4sticks of my favourite food with a heavy heart. hmmm.. the sauce just ok ok la. not that nice. the cheapest stick is RM0.60! expensive! i can get rm0.50 per stick at Kampar pasar malam. in Penang i can get it for rm0.40 per stick! anyway i had 4sticks of lok-lok which costs me rm2.80.

not worth it.. my stomach satisfy but not my pocket.

Wahhhhhhhh I just relised that I have new habit. ‘Melepas’ on my blog. Melepas means to release. As in to spill out everything in my mind. =p

ok time to sleep. class at 8am later. it's gona be a very long n exhausting day. French class-2lectures n 2tutorias. 8am-5pm.

selamat tidur olang-olang.

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