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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Decision. Photos. Controversial.

Few days before I was talking about whether to post up the photos of the 3 UTAR students drowned in the waterfall incident. I get feedback. Some say ok. Some say not ok. For me, as a photographer, as a journalist to be, as a witness to the searching and rescuing operation, as a normal human being, I really want to post of the photos. It’s my hardwork to get those photos.

Im a person who uphold the truth. But I also care about the sensitivity of this issue. I know for sure that some people will make a fuss about this. They will definitely condemn me. than, go n spread the news saying that cilaka photographer post up photos of dead people. There are also people who will talk about respect the dead.

So I have decided that im gona post up the photos of the incident but not the dead bodies photos. I have also decided that if any of the victims friends want the photos, I’ll give it to them. but until today I haven’t do it.

My friend, Tennee got the photos from me and she post it on her blog. guess what? People critisize her. I already know that people will bising, make noise, critic this and that, condemn you etc. I pity her. anyway she removed some of the photos already.

You people only make noise because some of you know the victims and most of you know about the news. I can guarantee you 100% that if you never come across this news, u wont even give a damn to google their news and click on our blogs and look at the photos. And if you see the photos, I bet you’ll click on it and you’ll view it. You are curious to know what happened. You are attracted to something that you never seen before.

Your eyes want to see those photos but when you see it, your mouth say we shouldn’t published it.

Oh grow up people. There’s this ‘busybody’ gene in you. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t be a pretender. Don’t be a kuih talam dua muka. mang kong lanciau ua.

Please don’t forget that these photos are in the newspapers too. Chinese newspapers especially published those gruesome and scary photos. Why don’t you make noise there instead of here? Is it because we are small little people that are easily to be bullied or you just don’t have the guts to show your tigress tooth to the big company?

This is a sharing to those who were not at the scene. We are just reporting and showing you what has happened like what the newspapers are doing. It’s just a documentation of a disaster. This is a NEWS! So many people were there snapping photos with their handphones. the photos are circulating all over the WORLD! so what are u gona do?

Blogs, social networking sites and photo sharing sites are the alternative ways to get news. Nowadays people don’t turn into mainstream newspaper anymore because of its bias coverage. People prefer on9 news because it’s free, fast, wide coverage of news and you can get news from different perspective and different sources.

Stop blaming the people who post up photos of any bad events. Blame the people who go to google and type:

1.       james khor dirty dreams
2.       dirty dream james khor
3.       dirty dreams by james khor
4.       dirty dream blog james khor
5.        james khor dirty dreams blog

yes there are people who typed that keyword in the search engine. Im not lying. I have prove for what I say. I can trace how what the keywords that people use and end up in my blog. these 3 students are gone. Why some people still wana find fault?!

We never expect that to happen. We never want that to happen. This is fate. If can, I also want to turn back the time and see them alive but I can’t. I saw the bodies, I saw their parents crying, I saw death!

Im sad and down too. I have a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, 2 grandpas, 2 grandmas, relatives and good friends waiting for me to graduate and back to Penang safely. I have a girl that I love. I feel how you feel. I don’t want to loose anyone that I know. I wish I’ll DIE first so that I won’t be sad and mourn for their death.

In journalism, there’s this aspect that we must uphold the truth and give the facts to the audience. But there is also an aspect called ethics.

So people I ask you since who am I to give my opinion on this. Do you think truth can goes a long with ehics? Do you think by telling the truths that might give disadvantages to some people is unethical? What can be published and what can’t be published?

What say you?

So stop blaming anyone. The photos are not meant to humiliate the victims. Some people talk about respect. Oh puh-les. When someone is alive, you don’t give a damn on them. You cheat on them. You humiliate them. You accuse them. You lie to them. You smear their good name. you defame them. You set them up. you insult them. You downgrade them. You disgrace them. You scold them with vulgar words. You say nasty stuffs about them.

Now they are gone and you talk about respect? Do you respect a living person? Do you really respect your father mother, your brother sister, your grandpa and grandma, your relatives, your bf n gf, your husband n wife, your buddies, your friends, your lecturers, your boss, the aunties n uncles who collect your daily rubbish, the waiters, the hawkers, the orphanage, the old people, the disabled, the beggars and anyone that came across in your life? DO YOU?!!

Tepuk dada jangan tanya selera, tanyalah keimanan diri.

Kalau nak kritik tu biar bertempat. Tengok kat diri dulu sebelum nak berkata. Jangan gajah depan mata TAK nampak, lalat seberang laut nampak.

Ok I don’t know why I say all this. I didn’t post up any photos also. No one has yet to say any bad things about my blog post of the incident. Im just fed up with some people and their thoughts.

If you terasa, itu bukan masalah saya.

*as usual, my blog 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 a year welcome your comments, suggestions, opinions, support, critiques, vulgar words and whatsoeveryouhaveinyourmind.
 *I’ll post what i want, i'll say what i wish. You don’t have any rights in the world to judge me. Leave the judging to those who really know who Oh Chin Eng is.

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  1. The permission of the family members whether they okay for the pictures to be published should be obtained. If the deceased is not able to give consent, then naturally the next-of-kin should be able to have a say.

    You want the pictures to be published because you are the photographer. It gives you recognition for your works. However, as a 'reporter', should the spirit of reporting be about telling stories which are of public concern or should it be to satisfy one's need of attention?

    We can take the case of Elizabeth Wong or Chua Soi Lek for example. Everyone wants to see the pics and video because people are kaypo about other people's sex life and drama. Me included. However, should the pic/ video be shown to my face, I shall decline to view it because I respect other people's privacy and I do not condone such violations.

    Reporting "sensational" news or news that "people want to know" to generate more sales or publicity at the expense of someone's dignity is a really low kind of reporting and have no regard for human dignity. This kind or reporting will generate a bad image for the media and the reporter and will lose respect from friends, acquaintances, public, as well as the media community.