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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

from JOG to CYCLE

yoyoyo people. im home! i reached home at exactly at 4pm. in my previous post i said i wana go jog right? yea i din go. instead i went for CYCLING!! =p

tepuk la sikit. i cycled for 40km Kampar-Gopeng-Kampar for 4 hours. i'll blog about it when im free la.

i just bathed. feel so damn fresh n clean. i smell so good. seharum bunga di pagi.

ok im going to sleep now. im damn tired n sleepy lah. i need to restkan my eyes, my jaw, my hands, my spine, my legs, my ass, my muscles n my b*lls-according to Emily Chong. the battery in me need to be recharged. if you use Energizer pun, cannot recharge punya.

someone pls wake me up at 8.30pm pls coz i need to fotostate notes for my Moral midterm exam this Thursday morning. i haven't study anything yet. =p

i love to sleep when it's raining heavily like this. but pls no scary thunders.

gnite yo. tata.

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