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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

morning run

good morning! i feel so got UMMPPHH this morning! the sky is so clear.

i have been sleeping for at least 8 hours i guess. that's more then enough! i had some crazy dreams last night. i'll blog about that later.

now i wana go JOGGING!!! woohooo! i duno whether i can run for how long but aiyah just run la.

i always want to jog n work out but tak jadi cuz im not discipline. im lazy la.. the last time i jog was like 4-5months ago. and i dun have my sport shoe with me here.

people say skinny people shouldn't jog. others say jog is good for health. aiyah dun care la. jog only ma. basic exercise. i have a friend, really skinny n small, but she jogs everyday n she is a good runner! i tabik sama dia!

SARAH SULAIMAN CH'NG u r my running inspiration. hehe.

ok gtg! wana have a cup of milk mix with weight gain powder then RUN!!!!

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