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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

happy good morning

good morning. selamat pagi. kalai vanakam. chao an.

i have a good laughters to kick off my day today. oh i just love them, my friends who make my stomach pain for laughing too much.

1st was from D. he said:
"woot woot! at this time is 5.38am and yet i haven't sleep yet cos why i teman my lovely assignment lol...and then later le got class at 8am woot woot! life lik this rocks!!! woot...."

2nd was from F. she said:
"me i wish my ex boss or my ex fiance yg in that situation" after i told her that im sad 3 students from my uni r dead. wahaha.

3rd was from Y, my housemate. this is the funniest thing that happened just now. he was going out to play basketball. suddenly he came back. guess why. guess.. because he forgot to wear his UNDERWEAR!

wooohooo! crazeee!

"don't forget to put a smile on your face." ~ Fariza.

let's have a great and happy day today 4/11/2009, Wednesday. woohooo!!

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