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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

DON'T die before i do

well.. it's time where everyone is sleeping. but im here wiping my tears away. i was finishing the unsettled things that i wanted to do until i came across some videos on the net. it's the videos made to remember James Khor, one of the students who died few days ago.

My tears keep flowing like the gush of water dat swept him n his 2 friends away as I watch the videos made for him. Sometimes I wonder will people remember me when im gone? Will you? I realised human never changed. They will only appreciate you when you are gone. But is that really the only way to show your love?

Arrrghhh! Yellow by Coldplay sang by James’ friends just melt my heart away. Damn it.. my tears just keep flowing. i have downloaded the song. i repeat n repeat listening to it. as im writing this, the song is playing in my laptop.

Im sad someone has just passed away n I haven’t had the chance to know this person yet. i miss them. my heart breaks into pieces knowin dat ppl hav gone n they nvr come bck. they nvr will.. He’s such a jovial person. I once used to be like him, active. he's lovable.

People, let live this life with love and not hatred.

life and death is never in our hand. it's in His. death is just a part of our life. what's the point having so much money or so much fame or so much friends or so much wives or so much stuffs when you can't even bring them when you are gone?? people don't remember for what you have. people remember the things you do, either good or bad, how u touched their heart, what you said and how you carry yourself. it's ok to be yourself but never disgrace, downgrade or humiliate or defame anyone.

people, no mater what you do, remember that there are people out there who love you. no one is born to be hate. there are good qualities in you that people see that you don't.

i want to call da girl dat used to be part of me so badly but i just couldn't do it. i don't have the courage. and it's not gona make any difference if i cal her.

i don't want any of the persons that i know die before i do bcoz i love you ppl. i really do even if i nvr say it 2 your face. pls forgive my wrongdoings.

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