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Thursday, 24 December 2009

it's a FAILED D.A.T.E

it's a failed date! ='( it'll b da last 1. any1 1 free Muallaf tickets? GSC Gurney Plaza. i got 2. movie starts at 3.25pm. let me noe quick..

Yasmin Ahmad never fail to make the audience cry, at least it makes me cry everytime i watch her films. Now, it'll make more tears to fall.

That's it.

I've tried my best.

Again, a bad present..for new year. The same present also came from the same person on my brithday. Until this second, she never wish me.

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  1. Stay strong okie? I know U can make it ^____^ n I hope U can remember this, No matter who broke ur heart, or how long it takes to heal, u'll nvr get through it without ur friends- sex n the city (Ops, I don't watch it at all).. so dun be sad2 okie??.. ^_______________________________^ smile! hehehehe... - miss anonymous