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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Moving On means what???

i need an answer.. So badly.

What does MOVING ON means?

What's your definition?


PLEASE tell me.


Thank you.


  1. It could be dat, moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard or some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.(Hermann Hesse). Perhaps U might gonna understand better in this way :
    it doesn't seem right to let go of smthg u've had so for so long, but it doesn't seem right either, to hold on smthg that's just not there anymore. That's why we need to move on bcoz we hv realized we shouldn't hv to waste our time on someone who isn't willing to waste theirs on me. Buang karan je, buang air liur n mata skali. huhu... V____V - miss anonymous

  2. aww... i like this. thx miss ******. =p u noe, i was waiting for u last night. felt like talking to someone last night but i din get any comment from u, on all my posts. so yeah. =p

  3. oH really? *blushing* I'm so sorry dear.. really2 sorry.. huhu.. How r u today? n what did u today? Anyway I'm really glad 2 know dat u like it tho there's a small mistake I think.. huhu.. ^____^ Like I said b4, moving on is easy as we think or we say like ' I'm not missing that person at all' bt what it leaves behind is hard when we face d reality n makes us to live in denial.. which is sicks... bcoz searching, hoping n waiting 4 what no longer exists... Bakar buku lama, pakai cd baru.. huhu... ^___^- miss anonymous

  4. yeah! u noe wat? dun wori.. u just say wat u 1 2 say. its ok. u got what i mean rite? =p i'll blog about today. =p btw, no mistakes with ur opinion la. diff ppl hav diff views. n i like what u said. really. =p tq.

    erm.. i wish to.. you know.. know u more??

  5. Hehehe... ur welcome! hehehe ^___^... Wanna know me more? (perasannyerr. Hahaha) Ermm mmm.. sure can ^___^ Juz ask me la okie?? But me still remains as miss anonymous la ^___^.. - miss anonymous

  6. hahahah. i want u to remain anonymous. but at the same time i 1 2 know u personally. such as ur name, whr u r from etc etc. you know..