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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Penang Starwalk 2009

Date: 13/12/2009 Sunday

Time: 6am

Venue: PISA, Penang

How: walk for 10km in 2 hours.

in few hours time, i'll be going for Penang Starwalk 2009. i have been joining this event for more than 5 years i guess.

this time im not going there with my sayang. i mean.. i dun have a sayang pun. im going with my mum. only 2 of us.

hmmm... i have a lot to say ok. i duno where to start.. aih.. forget about it la.

i PROMISE i'll talk more about it after the walk tomorrow.

oh ya! i want a medal. hmmm.. but if im not one of the medallists pun xpe la. i wana BEAT u, KHOO TENG SHIN!! haha! but if you are faster then me also nvm la, i wana reach the line in 1 hour la.

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