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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy Birthday sis

yeah it's my little sister's birthday today. She's now 10years old d. Wah she grows so fast. I mean time flies so fast. hehe.

Happy Birthday Oh Poh SIm.

Don't be naughty pls!


  1. Did U wish her? I mean wishing her personally la, not in ur blog. hehe.. Anyway, happy bEE-day Oh Poh Sim! Happy 10th birthday, sweet girl n U're not getting older, u're getting better ^___________^ hehehe.. ( wish she could read this here) hehehe... - miss anonymous

  2. of cos i wish her personally la. im not that bad ok. hehe. my sister is not gona see this because no way. my blog is too adult for her. heheh.

  3. Okie okie.. sorry, my bad... ^__^ - miss anonymous