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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

it's all about her

everyone i met today asked about her.


can u imagine that?? do you call that a coincidence or there's a meaning behind it? Hikmah apa ni??

dahlah. i berserah segalanya kepada Dia.

i'm ok being single. very ok. =p


  1. I'm glad to know that u're doing okie being a single ^__^ Being single is ok what? hahaha.. Anyway, I still remember that when I took part in my first time ever public speaking competition, I choosed 'being single is good' as my topic ^___^ hehehe.. - miss anonymous

  2. dah 8months since we broke up la. dah ok dah.. =p syiok being single. heheh. boleh menggatal. joking. my public speaking final is on 27th. fuh..

  3. hahahahaha... boleh menggatal? u should then go n visit Menggatal at Sabah lor.. U can go menggatal without limit.. hahaha..joke2.. ^__^ hehe.. However I wish U all d best for ur final public speaking ^____^. I know U could make it bcoz public speaking is not as scary as we perceive it to be ^___^ - miss anonymous

  4. hahahah! yea yea Menggatal Sabah. anyway thanks for the wish. i haven't done my speech yet. hehe.

  5. hahaha... it's okie lor.. u still got time to do preparation rite? hehe ^___^ - miss anonymous

  6. hahah yeah. i'll finish it by this week la.