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Sunday, 30 May 2010

back to my dirty house

After 4hours drive, plus the jam all the way until Kampar, with the craziness of Edward…

Im back in Kampar.

But eeeeeeeeeew!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!

Damn it la cilaka babi! My house is so dirty especially my room! And I got a new roommate!! Khachui ah!

Ok let me tell you what is clean. The porch is clean. No more rubbish. My toilet is really clean but bulu everywhere.

My room is really dirty. I asked him, he swept the floor or not. He said yea. But you tell me why DIRTY?!! The staircase also hairy. Seriousla! If u tak caya, u mai tengok la. lai la!

Aih.. I thought I’ll have a nice roommate but manatau. He’ll gona get from me. nyeh nyeh nyeh! I warned him to clean the house before he moved in ok. grrrhhhhh! Dun make me tulan ooo. Im memang cerewet.

And you know ah?!! He slept on my bed!! Wat the shit!! Sleep on your own bed la. I know la my bed is nicer and smells nice.

Hahaha. He is gona kill me is he knows I shoot him. Bleeekkk! Wa suka! I just feel like cursing. =p

So what now.? As usual la! clean the room. Curse here and there. do laundry. blog. unload stuffs. Then sleep!

Damn! Im so sick right now. headache and running nose on the last day in Penang and first day in Kampar. I will follow u Panadol.

By the way, thanks Edward for the car pool.