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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Marvellous 7 Reunion

From left to right: Nixon Lai Chia Huey, Teoh Chee Leng, Liam Kah Hoe, Shaun Loh Mun hon, Neoh Eng Huat, Oh Chin Eng, Lee Chun Soon.

It’s a big reunion. Finally after being separated for 5 years, we are here again, sitting altogether 7 of us. The last time we used to study together was in SMK Hutchings when we were in Form 5. After Form 5, some went to Form 6 and some went to college. We called ourselves Marvellous 7 because there are 7 of us and we were the most active students back in our batch. And 7 of us were school prefects.

*Photo taken by Chun Soon's gf.


  1. Aiyah... I also want to go to my school reunion... :( huhuhu..... Suddenly now I'm missing my old friends.... huhu... Thanks to u la Chin Eng..*perli* hahaha..... ^___^ - miss A

  2. hahaha. its hard for us to have a reunion cuz sem breaks tak sama. so dis reunion is a very memprable one. jgn jeles.. =p