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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bukit Laksamana here we come

Good morning! Woah! I wokeup before my alarm rings at 6am. =p

Finally my dream comes true. Im going for hiking later. 3 buddies joining me: Dexter, Nixon and Kah Hoe. We are going to Bukit Laksamana, the longest trail in Penang. =p


The journey is gona be tough. Very tough. I think it will be the longest jungle trekking trail I ever done.

We’ll start our hike from Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang and ends at Botanical Garden. We’ll pass Penang Hill on our way.

The distance between these two locations are very far. No bus will go to this places.

So our initial plan was we go by bike. 4 bikes. We’ll meet at Botanical Garden. Park 2 bikes there. then 4 of us on 2 bikes to Teluk Bahang. After we finish our hike at Botanical Garden, we can go to Teluk Bahang to get our bikes with the 2 bikes there.


Helmet! We don’t have helmet at Botanical Garden. Thanks to cilaka Nixon n Dexter for calling me bodoh. They are the smart ass! They brough this up.

So my solution. Nixon will drive. 3 of use will use bike. we’ll meet up at 7.30am later at Botanical Garden. Nixon will park her car there and we’ll use bike to Teluk Bahang. So when we finish our hiking, we’ll have car waiting at Botanical Garden and we can go and get our bikes.

Good planning. =p

I must thank them for joining me in this hiking trip. Susah mau pujuk la. You know la hiking is tiring. Have to wake up so early. Etc.

Right now my stomach still not ok. I lausai last night. now still feel like shitting. Arrghh! I don’t wana shit in the jungle later.

Hopefully we won’t get sesat later la.. if sesat taktau la. our handphones ran out of credit.

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