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Monday, 17 May 2010

present to miss joethi - handmade card

Previously I posted photos of the photoframe as a gift to Miss Joethi. Now another small little gift to our lecturer which is a handmade card with our signatures and wishes. It’s made by my classmate, Lee Pei Shhuang. =p

Can you see? This is Lee Pei Suang, beh paiseh tak malu posing with her card. Wahahah. Spot me at the back?? =p anyway thanks to her la. hardwork you know..

This is the fornt page of the card. Nice right? I like it especially the cute little clip.

Signatures and wishes from the Journalism students of January 2009 intake. I don’t think everyone sign though. Anyway sorry I don’t why the picture rotates itself la. always terbalik one. So you also terbalikkan your head to read la. =p

* Pei Pei ah, u can use the photos if u want. But i can actually send it to you in MSN la.


  1. haha...i can see you open ur mouth so big to eat the curry behind!!!!kaka...^^ want to get more from i will waiting for u la...kaka...
    and my name is Lee Pei Suang,not Lee Pei Shhuang..kaka

  2. Hahahahahaha..... ^__^ - miss A