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Monday, 5 July 2010

SHUT UP please

Can I like mute the world for 1 hour please? Or can someone please make me deaf?



Mancang betol!

Damn NOISY!!



So stress up man!

Please don’t talk to me.

I don’t wana hear anything.

I feel so annoyed and irritated by the noises around me.

Noises from TV, water paip, traffic, wind, hp, family etc. GRRRHHH!


I need some peacefulness over here. Halooooooooooo! Peace peace!

Quiet for a while ler.. yea just for a while..

Let me hear my heart beat.

Im not angry ok. not pissed. I just feel uncomfortable with all these noises.

People, being noisy is not gona help anything.

Chill and calm down.

Sometimes I feel so TULAN! SIEN nia come back Penang but house so noisy! Ok fine now my mum said no need to come back la. yea yea yea.. im back to Penang not to hear my siblings arguing, my sister being rude or my mum scolding my sister.

Hei im back cuz I need some rest. I need to recharge myself. im back not to get myself into problems. Please la..

I can’t do this myself.

Good night la.

Im going to whack my face to the pillow. Yea whack, faint then sleep till tomorrow.

silent please.

thank you.

terima kasih.

xie xie.



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