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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

do you know...

1. I want to work hard and earn a lot a lot n a LOT of money to travel around the world. yesss... I want money. I need money!

2. I want to live to travel. I want to live to eat.

3. Now only I know travelling in Cambodia is so much more expensive than in Thailand. Cambodians use US Dollars. Oh God how to survive if I want to go backpack??

4. I am so glad to catch up with old friends, colleagues, big sisters, old people and Penangites. =p

5. I really pity those nice and innocent policemen. They got bad names because of some bad guys within them. Shame on this bad guys.

6. Love is so complicated, troublesome but sweet. =p

7. Death is easy, life is hard.

8. Time is passing so damn fast!

9. Act fast.

10. When you are with your friends, you forget about your bf/gf. When you are with your bf/gf, you forget about your friends.

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