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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

rants and thoughts

woah! im blogging. =p i didn't blog for almost a week. what to do, laptop is spoiled. I need to pay RM950 if i want to extend my warranty. walaueh.. damn expensive. Feel so awakward without laptop. cannot transfer or alter photos, cannot online, cannot write journal etc etc.

hmmmm... =(

anyway i have few things to say in this post lah.. hehe.

you think about the phrase below first.

something funny n weird abt human: we tend to scold, critisize, provoke, insult, condemn n offend ppl more than we praise, appreciate, compliment, thank or say something nice abt them. am i right?? kan kan?? memang betul!

By the way, i miss her.. I'm missing her so much. I tried not to because it's no appropriate aka tak manis but sorry i couldn't help it..

what do you do when you miss someone? is there a cure? YES! you go meet that person la. but what if you can't? then you can only think of that person and the memories you had together.. syiok sendiri lo..

It's so annoying and hard to move on or move forward when your past is bugging and hunting you down whether in a good or bad ways.

oh ya! lastly hor i have this sudden and strong urge to cycle from Kampar to Penang. seriousla.. eh ini bukan cakap kosong ok. I CAN!! eh eleh.. ingat i tak boleh ke?? blahh la! bukanny i tak pernah cycle jarak jauh. bukannya i tak pernah join marathon. podakh!


okla tata.

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