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Saturday, 16 April 2011

vote for CHANGE in Sarawak

i remember clearly a day before March 8 2008 election, it's like a sea of bloody red with thousands of people wearing red were flooding Han Chiang School, Penang despite the pouring rain. Now it's the same thing happening again a day before Sarawak State Election. The wave of change is now in Sarawak? we'll see tonight.

I hope there will be a change. It's time for Sarawak people to have a change. vote for change!

People are no longer that passive. They are no longer that scared. They know their rights and they know what to do now.

i can't wait to see the results tonight.

I can't wait to see Taib down, i can't wait to see BN down. Give Opposition a chance.

All the best to PKR, DAP, PAS and SNAP.

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