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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

1st International Backpack Trip

bye bye..

Hi all. I will be away from Malaysia from today until 30th September. Mau p backpack la. Anything, pls don’t call me as I won’t b able to pick up. Email or FB msg me. I’ll reply if I can. My FB will be peaceful for a while.

okla i'm going to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Will be back on 30/9/3011.

then having a camp in Pahang from 30/9/2011 - 2/10/2011.

I'm not alone. Kwan Yee n Pei Suang are coming alone.

wah so damn excited and nervous.

alrite got to go. train to Bangkok from Butterworth at 2pm.


  1. Have funnnnnnnnnnn, little one! :):):):):)

    ~Juliana Ooi

  2. Wah!!! bestnya..Don;t forget to buy souverniers!!hehehhe =P